Molecular invasion, 2002

Un livre que je suis en train de lire, il est très intéressant, il promeut la critique constructive sur le sujet des biotechnologies, un petit extrait  de ce qu’on peut y lire :

”’The perception that science is too difficult for anyone other than a specialist to understand is socially ingrainedin those separated from the discipline on an everyday life basis. The walls of the division of technical labor seem unbreachable. The common English expression “it’s not rocket science,” usually made as a sarcastic remark when someone has inordinate trouble with an easy task, is but one example of a manifestation of public reverence for the intellectual intensity of science and its separation from common daily activities” .I found this book on the Critical Art Ensemble website, with this link you can found the book and other interesting ressources.

ça me donne envie d’en faire une traduction pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter…


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